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Why choose Magna Carta College?

Magna Carta College has been set up by Oxford, London and Birmingham University academics as a  private college offering the Oxford life-style and facilities for those wishing  to do a degree in Management or Law. The professors and lecturers delivering the courses for the college all have first class backgrounds, as you can see by reviewing the details of our Faculty. We have made the previous academic requirements to study for these degrees very flexible, as we believe that it is high motivation rather than previous academic brilliance that leads to the best performance in these subjects. In particular it is possible to study for an MBA degree without work experience, as is not the case in much of the USA.

There are many key reasons why you should choose to come to MCC to study a postgraduate programme. Primarily, our size means we can offer you a more focussed, tailored and supported education than larger universities; and our faculty are key leaders in their fields:

  • MCC faculty are amongst the most distinguished in the UK
  • The degrees are fully validated by the University of Wales (over 100 years of heritage)
  • MCC is a college with high standards of student support and pastoral care; not only will your education be first class, you will also receive personal support from world-class academics, while enjoying the full Oxford lifestyle.
  • MCC gives you access to Oxford life, both socially and intellectually
  • MCC programmes are designed to suit the individual needs and fit in with your lifestyle and work. You can choose whether you want to study via Distance Learning or Full Time at Magna Carta College in Oxford. You have upto five years to complete the Distance Learning MBA, but most people will complete it in two to three years.

What is MCC?oxford-tower

Magna Carta College is a private independent college that, with its programmes validated by the University of Wales, offers challenging and motivational programmes leading to University Degrees. We offer an MBA in International Management, an MBA in International Business Law, MBA (general) and a Masters Entry Graduate Diploma for international students wishing to qualify for Masters programmes in UK universities.

The MBA is widely regarded as a world-class qualification for career starters, career changers, and experienced management professionals with executive responsibility, and it enables you to join an elite network of international business alumni. The MBA offers a personal challenge for all life-long learners and is a statement about you, your ability and achievements.

It is internationally recognised as one of the leading qualifications in the world and is your passport to a successful career in international business. Your MBA can give you the impetus for an upward move in your career leading to an enhanced life style and salary. It provides the qualifications you need to reach senior management and ownership positions in the world's best performing companies.

The Magna Carta College MBA programmes are taught by a pre-eminent faculty experienced in teaching, academic research, project supervision and consultancy in many countries.

Magna Carta College is located in Oxford. Students can choose to live in Oxford with its cultural and lively student life style, or in the quiet and beautiful surrounding English villages. Lectures are delivered in Oxford University lecture theatres, students study in the world famous Bodleian Library and are invited to join the Oxford Union.

Affordable and Flexible

Magna Carta College tries wherever possible to adapt its programme to meet your individual background and requirements. If you are determined to work hard and succeed we will do the rest. We believe that those who want to upgrade their knowledge should be allowed access to world-class quality education irrespective of their initial academic ability or economic circumstances, and at a very competitive fee. Senior managers and entrepreneurs with less formal education can also benefit from our MBA programme as well as those with first class honours degrees. Prior academic success or superior GMAT scores do not, of themselves, guarantee business success. Success requires MCC's structured approach, enabling managers and entrepreneurs to solve problems with coherence and with confidence. By dedicating our resources to student education and cutting out unnecessary overheads, we ensure that our world-class programmes are affordable.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like a quick (free) assessment of your suitability for our programmes in confidence; alternatively so long as you meet our criteria, fill out the Application Form and email or post it to us and we shall make you a conditional offer.


English Language

All the MBA modules are taught in English. Good spoken and written English are essential to your success. For overseas students, the opportunity to improve your English language skills is an extra and important reason for studying at the Magna Carta College.

We recognise that many students who do not have English as their first language may require English lessons. We will assess your English language skills in relation to the requirements of our programmes and recommend English lessons if appropriate and necessary. If your English is adjudged to be close to our entry requirements we can offer a place on the programmes contingent only on your attendance of an intensive English course accredited by Magna Carta College. We strongly recommend that students with doubts about their language ability should come to England three months, or one year, before the start of their programmes in order to take an intensive Foundation Business English course. Magna Carta College runs a Foundation English Language course as well as longer English Language programmes. Please note that fees for English language lessons are not included in the programme fees.

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MBA (General)

MBA in International Management
MBA in International Business Law

MA in Marketing

MSc in Business Information Management
Masters Entry Graduate Diploma (Business and Law)


These programmes are validated and awarded by the University of Wales, UK. For further details regarding the University and its validation services, please log on to www.wales.ac.uk/validation or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it