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BA (Hons) International Business

BA (Hons) in International Business prepares the students in understanding the way in which management of a corporation with global reach differs from managing a purely national or even an international firm. It emphasises the problems and challenges that arise when employees, suppliers and customers from different cultures interact and behave according to a different set of values and set of personal priorities. The aim of the degree is to introduce the student to the way in which a firm can achieve sustainable competitive advantage and develop the corporation into one with global reach.

The delivery of the course is well balanced in terms of lectures, case studies and research work. Students will undertake various methods of assessments to qualify for the degree. Examinations, course work, group assignments and individual research are various methods of assessment during the course.

Key Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the nature of international strategy
  2. Perceive how international strategy differs from domestic strategy
  3. Understand the key aspects of globalisation
  4. Develop awareness of the pervasive and hidden influence of culture on behaviour, particularly with respect to management practices in global operations
  5. Develop familiarity with the types of situations and issues which managers often confront when  working globally

Course Structure

The BA (Hons) in International Business is equivalent to 360 credits; 120 of each in 3 progressively challenging years.  All modules (16) have an equal credit rating of 20 credits followed by a dissertation of 40 credits.  The course structure is based on 2 terms (15 weeks each) of study each Year.


Modules of year 1 & 2 are assessed through a combination of exams, individual/group work and class participation. The specialist modules in the final year are assessed by individual/course work and class participation. The last stage of the degree is dissertation which is a research work of 10000 words.

Essential Information

Start Dates: Feb/ Oct

Duration: 3 years

Entry Requirements

A levels or equivalent international qualification

IELTS 6.0 or equivalent


6 Modules of 20 Credits Each

Introduction to Management 

Introduction to Business Economics

Introduction to Business Law

Study Skills and Communication

Introduction to Accounting

Introduction to HRM


Strategic Management

Management Information Systems

Corporate Social Responsibility


Managerial Accounting and Finance

Business Organisation


Multinational Enterprises

International Strategy

Global Management

Business Research Methods

Dissertation (10,000 words)


News and events