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BA (Hons) Marketing

Our Marketing degree aims at developing an advanced understanding of the managerial marketing vocabulary of concepts, maxims and normative models within an international context drawing on issues in differing domains of practice including the public sector. It has been designed by leading academics considering contemporary business requirements and academic knowledge. In the final year of studies students are taught specialist marketing subjects and provided with an opportunity of supervised research project. This will greatly enhance students understanding of marketing, which will help them in pursuing their career as marketers.

The delivery of the course is well balanced in terms of lectures, case studies and research work. Students will undertake various methods of assessments to qualify for the degree. Examinations, course work, group assignments and individual research are various methods of assessment during the course.

 Key Learning Outcomes

  1. To understand managerial marketing thought’s historical development from its roots in classical economics in the USA to the normative tradition promoted by academic/consultants such as Drucker, Levitt and Kotler in journals such as the Harvard Business Review.
  2. Appraise critically the role, possibilities and limitations of marketing research and marketing information systems in the formulation and implementation of marketing strategy.
  1. Design and undertake research projects by applying appropriate research methods.
  1. Understanding of advertising strategy and implementation
  1. Judge the characteristics of the brand marketing functions to deliver sustained customer value

Course Structure

The BA (Hons) in Marketing is equivalent to 360 credits; 120 of each in 3 progressively challenging years.  All modules (16) have an equal credit rating of 20 credits followed by a dissertation of 40 credits.  The course structure is based on 2 terms (15 weeks each) of study each Year.


Modules of year 1 & 2 are assessed through a combination of exams, individual/group work and class participation. The specialist modules in the final year are assessed by individual/course work and class participation. The last stage of the degree is dissertation which is a research work of 10000 words.

Essential Information

Start Dates: Feb/ Oct

Duration: 3 years

Entry Requirements

A levels or equivalent international qualification

IELTS 6.0 or equivalent


6 Modules of 20 Credits Each

Introduction to Management 

Introduction to Business Economics

Introduction to Business Law

Study Skills and Communication

Introduction to Accounting

Introduction to HRM


Strategic Management

Management Information Systems

Corporate Social Responsibility


Managerial Accounting and Finance

Business Organisation


Market Research

Advertising and Promotion

Brand Management

Business Research Methods

Dissertation (10,000 words)