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Mcconline is a virtual learning environment; it is both the campus and the classroom, designed to enhance your learning experience and help you through your studies. It is a state of the art online learning platform to allow your studies to fit around your lifestyle.


Online Courses

MBA in International Management

MBA in Business Law

MBA in Health Care Management

Masters Entry Diploma



MBA:            Full Fees: £6000                  Modular:  £6500

MED:           £2500

Fees do not include administration charges of £250. For more details please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

A Place to Interact and Learn

Mcconline not only gives you consistent access to valuable course material but it is also the platform to interact with your tutor, programme coordinator as well as other students who are studying the same module/course as you. Through the internet students have 24/7 access to course material including case studies, reading material, slides, discussion with the tutor remarks, chat, forum discussion and one to one dialogue. This is done a very user friendly online area.

You can use the online calendar to keep a constant check on the deadlines and other important dates.

In Brief

  • 24/7 materials
    Access electronic copies of your learning materials and important information, such as assessment instructions, whenever and wherever you are.
  • Discussions with other students
    Forums allow students to come together, share thoughts and ideas and you can initiate topics that you want to discuss with your fellow students
  • Tutor contact
    Tutors use live chats and forums to stimulate discussions, request input and highlight external sources.
  • Real time learning
    The Group Learning Space is where your module tutor can initiate discussion and set learning tasks for you to undertake. See your and other students’ questions answered.
  • International community
    Moodle gives you access to a worldwide network of learners, offering you a wide range of ideas and experiences.
  • Keep up-to-date
    Both your programme co-ordinator and your tutors will post announcements including reminders of deadlines, changes to programme arrangements, etc. Your Moodle calendar can help you keep track of key dates on your programme or other personal events
  • Be part of a community
    Participant messaging and personal profiles allows our students to develop their own learning networks
  • Your learning hub
    Links to external sources can include key journal articles, your university’s online library, sites of topical interest, etc.
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MBA International Management

Our MBA in International Management offers a high standard of pastoral care, access to the Oxford Union, and a state-of-the-art virtual learning environment.

Distance Learning