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Dr George Bowen, The Queen's College, Oxford

Associate Faculty Member
Lecturer: Management Studies

Tutor: Economics and Business Studies

Research Interests: Strategic Management – Political Competitive Advantage, Resource-based View of the Firm, International Economics and Business, Development Economics, South America and Antarctica.

After Oxford George joined Coats Patons Ltd and worked in Peru and Venezuela before becoming General Manager in Chile. After a Sloan Fellowship (MBA) at London Business School he ran his own Printing and Publishing company and became a Doctus Management Consultant. In 1987 he rejoined Coats as Managing Director, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. In 1994 he become a Director of Quark Expeditions specialising in Arctic and Antarctic tourism and, simultaneously, completed his doctorate at Templeton College, Oxford. Since 2004 he has lectured at Oxford University and also pursued his interest in Antarctica.