Magna Carta College, Oxford offers University of Wales International Business and Law MBAs, taught at Oxford University by Univeristy of Oxford Professors.   University of Wales International Management and Business Law MBAs, taught at Magna Carta College, Oxford.

Information for Parents

Attendance at Magna Carta College, and successful completion of one of our courses, will provide students with a prestigious salary-enhancing qualification for their future career.

Completion of the Pre-masters Diploma also allows students to gain entry to many UK masters programme for which their previous qualifications would not qualify them - although the majority of Pre-Masters students stay on to study an MBA at Magna Carta!

Students enjoy the Oxford life and are given strong guidance from supervisors and tutors with many years researching and leading their fields. Our faculty comprises of the leading professors in their field.

Fees need to be paid at or before the commencement of study, and visas should be sought for as long as possible. A two year visa gives greater flexibility. Accommodation should also be booked once an offer is received, as the housing market in Oxford is very competitive.

Magna Carta: Affordable, Flexible & World-Leading Faculty
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