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Study by Distance Learning

The online MBA qualification will be the same as that studied on campus and is delivered through Moodle (Virtual Learning Environment) and the University of Wales Online Library. Additionally potential employers frequently recognise and value the commitment made by an individual studying by distance learning or online. Moreover studying an MBA by distance learning or online allows the individual to continue to apply their new found knowledge in the work place and to further develop their career during their studies.

Download brochure When you study through Magna Carta College we provide you with professionally developed MBA distance learning or online study materials. The MBA study materials have been developed to provide sequential learning with continual access to self assessment and task based progress measurement. On enrolment on the online MBA course, each individual is allocated a tutor for academic support who can be contacted by email, telephone and through Moodle. Each individual will also have access to a student support co-ordinator who will be there for administrative advice to make the MBA learning experience successful and enjoyable.

University of Wales

Founded by Royal Charter in 1893, the University of Wales is the degree-awarding body for the majority of higher education students in Wales, as well as for many at other higher education institutions in the United Kingdom and overseas. The University’s position enables it to focus not only on its primary functions as a degree-awarding body and provider of services to the Welsh higher education sector but also, as a national institution, on playing an enhanced role in protecting and promoting the economy, culture and language of Wales.The University is a major national institution in Wales. While it is, of course, committed to helping to fulfil the educational and economic needs of Wales and to supporting its linguistic, cultural, and national heritage, the University is also committed to its international role and to enhancing its standing across the UK and overseas. As well as its validation role and the international projects undertaken by its Global Academy, the University sponsors a number of cultural initiatives, such as the prestigious Dylan Thomas Prize, for young writers, which attracts entries from all over the world.“Validation is the process by which an awarding institution judges that a programme developed and delivered by another institution is of an appropriate quality and standard to lead to its award.” (The Quality Assurance Agency.) While the majority of the University’s students study in Wales, the University’s very successful and highly regarded international validation operation is also an important dimension of its work. This enables overseas institutions to offer the University of Wales degree at an equivalent standard to the degree offered in Wales itself. Validation is important in fostering links between Wales and other countries and many of the University’s graduates are now in positions of influence overseas. Last year, more than 19,000 students were registered on validated courses of the University of Wales and nearly 4,000 graduated with the University’s degree. Altogether, more than 40,000 students have been awarded degrees since the validation operation began in 1975. The maintenance of academic standards is of paramount importance for validated courses, as it is for courses offered within Wales. The University is rightly regarded as a role model in this respect. Its processes compare very favourably with those of other institutions in the UK and positive reports received following independent reviews, favourable audit reports from the Quality Assurance Agency and the University’s reputation overseas attest clearly to the high esteem in which its validation work is held.


The minimum duration is one year and you have up to five years to complete the programme. Most people will complete it in two to three years.

Mode of Delivery

  • You could complete your entire programme online via the Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle).
  • We also offer two weeks residency in Oxford (optional)


At present there are two specialisations to choose from. Magna Carta College also offers a Masters Entry  Diploma for candidates who do not fulfil the entry requirement for the MBA

Entry Requirements


Magna Carta College MBA and Pre-Masters Programmes are fully validated by the University of Wales. On completion of your Degree at Magna Carta College, you will receive your final award from the University of Wales.

Please call us on 01865 593131 for further details, email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or check our prospectus.


Magna Carta College

magna carta college

MBA in International Management
MBA in International Business Law

MA in Marketing

MSc Business Information Management
Masters Entry Diploma (Business and Law)


These programmes are validated and awarded by the University of Wales, UK. For further details regarding the University and its validation services, please log on to www.wales.ac.uk/validation or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Why choose Magna Carta College?

Magna Carta College was founded by Professor David Faulkner (formerly Fellow of Christ Church and Professor of Strategy at Royal Holloway University of London), and a group of senior academic colleagues.

The College’s Mission is to deliver postgraduate education in international business, information systems and business law that is excellent both in content and the student learning experience to international cohorts of students, drawn from all over the world.

There are number of reasons why you should choose an MBA or Masters Entry Graduate Diploma from Magna Carta College:


  • You achieve a UK University qualification that is recognised worldwide.
  • MCC faculty are amongst the most distinguished in UK
  • Benefit from the distance learning allowing you to balance your studies with your life styles.
  • Better affordability as you can continue working
  • A state of the art virtual learning environment (Moodle); from where you can access the learning material, contact tutors and interact with all the students
  • 24 hours access to University of Wales Online Library. The Library contains a wide range of high quality full-text peer-reviewed resources. Resources include Business and Management. Within each subject area you may find ebooks, online databases, ejournals, and links and gateways to other useful websites.
  • A network of international students
  • Two weeks optional residency at Oxford to experience the Oxford Life style


Programme Outline

How to Study

Distance learning is much more flexible than traditional face-to-face teaching. It allows you to study whenever and wherever is convenient to you, and to fit your studies in around professional or personal commitments. You can study wherever you live in the world - if you move country with your job, for example, you can still continue with your studies through our virtual learning environment Moodle.

Studying by distance learning requires you to be highly motivated, disciplined, and able to master complex problems independently. Many students do find self-directed study to be challenging, but the outcome is incredibly rewarding


We provide personal and individual support/guidance in many areas:

  • Assigned Tutor: On registering for online MBA course, each student is assigned a tutor to help the student during the course.
  • Full Time Student Support Co-ordinator: A student coordinator is always at hand to help students with anything and everything.
  • Tutor-marked assignments: Your assignments will be marked by tutors at MCC as part of each course assessment. This is an opportunity to receive invaluable feedback and to measure your progress throughout the course.
  • Dissertation: For the MBA you will be assigned an individual supervisor to help you when writing up your dissertation.

Study Material

On registration each student will be provided with the following via the Moodle:

  • Handbook: This covers everything from planning your studies to preparing for exams.
  • Assignments booklet: This outlines the assignments that require submission for tutor marking
  • A study guide written by subject specialists, including the core content for the courses and case studies
  • Core textbooks
  • Past examination papers.


Examinations are offered twice a year (Dates will be given on actual registration). The exams are arranged for the students in the country of residence.

Course Structureoxford_river

The compulsory Core Courses, each of 10 credits are:

  • International Accounting and Finance
  • International Marketing
  • International Strategy
  • International Human Resource Management
  • Information Systems
  • Sustainability

The elective modules currently offered each count for 20 credits (the list will be expanded over time). A choice of two is required for the degree from:

  • International Co-operative Strategy
  • Corporate Governance
  • Global Financial markets
  • Entrepreneurship

Please note that the number of electives offered may vary from year-to-year depending on factors such as student demand.

A detailed overview of the courses is available here.


  • All students are also required to take a course in research methodology, a pass in which is a condition for being allowed to proceed to the dissertation. This course counts for 20 credits.
  • The third part of the programme is a dissertation of at least 14,000 words on an international topic. This will be allocated 60 credits, making 180 in total.

Two Weeks Residency Programme

The two weeks optional session offered in the month of July give the unique opportunity to our students to enjoy the Oxford experience in person. It also gives the opportunity of hearing from, and engaging with the MCC academics.


Activities include

  • A guided Oxford tour
  • A tour to London City - with a visit to FTSE
  • A formal dinner at Oxford Union
  • Career and Personal Developmental sessions at Oxford University Lecture Theatres

Accommodation arrangements

Accommodation and airport pick up can be arranged on request.




Moodle (Virtual Learning Environment)

What is Moodle?

Moodle is a virtual learning environment; it is both the campus and the classroom, designed to enhance your learning experience and help you through your studies. It is a state of the art online learning platform to allow your studies to fit around your lifestyle.

A Place to Interact and Learn

Moodle not only gives you consistent access to valuable course material but it is also the platform to interact with your tutor, programme coordinator as well as other students who are studying the same module/course as you. Through the internet students have 24/7 access to course material including case studies, reading material, slides, discussion with the tutor remarks, chat, forum discussion and one to one dialogue. This is done a very user friendly online area.

You can use the online calendar to keep a constant check on the deadlines and other important dates.

A course demo can be requested from the office of Vice Dean Ejaz Chowdary at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


In Brief:

  • 24/7 materials - Access electronic copies of your learning materials and important information, such as assessment instructions, whenever and wherever you are.
  • Discussions with other students - Forums allow students to come together, share thoughts and ideas and you can initiate topics that you want to discuss with your fellow students
  • Tutor contact - Tutors use live chats and forums to stimulate discussions, request input and highlight external sources.
  • Real time learning - The Group Learning Space is where your module tutor can initiate discussion and set learning tasks for you to undertake. See your and other students’ questions answered.
  • International community – Moodle gives you access to a worldwide network of learners, offering you a wide range of ideas and experiences.
  • Keep up-to-date - Both your programme co-ordinator and your tutors will post announcements including reminders of deadlines, changes to programme arrangements, etc. Your Moodle calendar can help you keep track of key dates on your programme or other personal events
  • Be part of a community - participant messaging and personal profiles allows our students to develop their own learning networks
  • Your learning hub - Links to external sources can include key journal articles, your university’s online library, sites of topical interest, etc.


Important Dates

The MBA and Pre Masters Bridging Diploma are offered three times a year:

  • February (2011)
  • June
  • October

2 Weeks Residency: To be announced

  • Subject to minimum cohort of at least 10 students
  • Minimum requirement is enrolment for at least 3 courses

For further information please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Application Form / Prospectus

Click here to apply online.


The Application Form can be downloaded here. Please provide the following with the application form:

  • Scanned copies of Diplomas/transcripts
  • An up to date CV

You can talk to an admission advisor at +44 (0) 1865 593131 or via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Tuition Fees

The fees for 2010/11 are as follows:

MBA (Total course fee) - £6500.00

MBA (modular) - £600.00 per module

MBA (modular) - £1100.00 for the dissertation

Masters Entry Graduate Diploma- £4000.00


The following is not included in the fee:

Registration Fee (one-off fee) - £250.00

Exam/Assessment Fee - £150 per module

Two Week Residency - TBA


For a more detailed breakdown please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it