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Programme outline


How to Study

Online learning is much more flexible than traditional face-to-face teaching. It allows you to study whenever and wherever is convenient to you, and to fit your studies in around professional or personal commitments. You can study wherever you live in the world - if you move country with your job, for example, you can still continue with your studies through our virtual learning environment Moodle.

Studying online requires you to be highly motivated, disciplined, and able to master complex problems independently. Many students do find self-directed study to be challenging, but the outcome is incredibly rewarding.



We provide personal and individual support/guidance in many areas:

  • Assigned Tutor
    On registering for online MBA course, each student is assigned a tutor to help the student during the course.
  • Full Time Student Support Co-ordinator
    A student coordinator is always at hand to help students with anything and everything.
  • Tutor-marked assignments
    Your assignments will be marked by tutors at MCC as part of each course assessment. This is an opportunity to receive invaluable feedback and to measure your progress throughout the course.
  • Dissertation
    For the MBA you will be assigned an individual supervisor to help you when writing up your dissertation.


Study Material

On registration each student will be provided with the following via the Moodle:

  • Handbook
    This covers everything from planning your studies to preparing for your assessments.
  • Assignments booklet
    This outlines the assignments that require submission for tutor marking.
  • A study guide written by subject specialists
    ...including the core content for the courses and case studies

Examinations are offered 3 times every yearr (Dates will be given on actual registration).


Course Structure

The compulsory Core Courses, each of 10 credits are:

  • International Accounting and Finance
  • International Marketing
  • International Strategy
  • International Human Resource Management
  • Information Systems
  • Sustainability


The elective modules currently offered each count for 20 credits (the list will be expanded over time). A choice of two is required for the degree from:

International Management
  • International Co-operative Strategy
  • Business Organisation
  • Entrepreneurship
    Business Law
    • International Business Law
    • International Trade Law
    Healthcare Management 
    • A strategic/International Perspective of Healthcare Service Management
    • Managing Change in Healthcare Organisation


    Please note that the number of electives offered may vary from year-to-year depending on factors such as student demand.

    A detailed overview of the courses is available here.

    All students are also required to take a course in research methodology, a pass in which is a condition for being allowed to proceed to the dissertation. This course counts for 20 credits.

    The third part of the programme is a dissertation of at least 20,000 words on an international topic. This will be allocated 60 credits, making 180 in total.


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