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Graduation 2011

On Friday 6th May 2011, fifty Magna Carta College students graduated at the University Of Wales Graduation Ceremony. The event was held at the Wales Millenium Centre in Cardiff and over six-hundred students from the University of Wales graduated that day.


The Dean of MCC, Professor David Faulkner, proudly came to support and represent the students on this special day. It was the perfect way to reward all the students' hard work that they have put in towards their Masters degrees and they also had the support of family and friends who had travelled overseas to be there for them. We hope that next year many more MCC students will graduate at Wales as the atmosphere was fantastic and it gives them the chance to really feel part of the wider community, that is, the University of Wales alumni. Congratulations to all who graduated this year, we wish you all the success for your future!

(All of the photos from the Graduation Ceremony can be found on the Magna Carta College Facebook group.)

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